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Red Rose Publishing

Candy Blake hasn’t set foot in Morris Point, WI since she roared past her graduation ceremony on her Harley. Now she’s been lured back for two reasons--to help Ma, her former boss, after heart surgery; and to launch her lingerie catalog Candy Wear with a publishing company in a nearby town. Pestered into attending her ten-year high school reunion she isn’t looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the snobbish kids who’d made her life hell. She’s moved on since those days becoming a successful lingerie model and designer but she still has a chip on her shoulder concerning those who treated her badly, especially the Morris family.
Greg Morris watches Candy enter the ballroom and is just as captivated by her beauty as he had been when her business plan had hit his desk six months ago. If she’d had any inkling that a Morris was at the helm of Pinnacle Publishing, he knew she’d run a mile in the other direction. He knows she won’t recognize him as the nerd she’d dubbed “The Toad” and he’s counting on one magical night to make her see in a new light. Will a night of passion make her realize that It Had To Be You?

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-61160-116-9
 (Print) ISBN# 978-1-61160-129-9

When Goldie Lockwood, a half breed Were-Bear with no powers, runs away from her clan the last thing she expects to run into is the trio of Were-Bear studs of her erotic dreams. It’s mating season and she isn’t even in the running, being a dud DNA-wise.
But when they touch her she can’t resist making them her harem. Just who seduces who in this twisted tale? And will Goldilocks find the Were-Bear mate that’s just right?

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-60313-632-7
 (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-651-8
FBI agent Donovan Steel is posing as the owner of Dominion, an BDSM club, to catch a serial killer. He's frustrated, horny, and striking out when a spicy bit of fresh air walks into the club. Amanda Powel, a tabloid reporter in disguise, causes a scene that attracts every red blooded male in the club.
Amanda, hoping to write a breakout story to get her back into legitimate reporting, has made several unsuccessful forays into the sex club. All the real Dom's are all leery of her and the wanna-be's just keep pissing her off. When a masterful hunk stalks her way, claiming her, she thinks her luck is finally changing.
Donavan decides to give Amanda a taste of BDSM to divert her and winds up getting hooked. Once they get started they're both in too deep. Through clouds of suspicion and lust they must learn to trust each other to solve the case.

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-60313-687-7

Mix together two star crossed lovers, a magic lamp, a hunky reluctant genie, and a goddess who bears a grudge and you have Knock Three Times.
Chemise finds a lamp in the antique shop she's just inherited from her aunt. It bears an inscription which says “Knock Three Times”. She does just that and a hunky genie named Lucien appears before her. It turns out that she's his beloved and their love was fated to be. But the course of true love does not run smoothly, what with warring goddesses and an evil genie trying to put an end to them!

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Red Rose Publishing
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Cherish McCloud is a fake psychic with a secret love life. Every night a fantasy lover haunts her dreams, taking her just so far before leaving her unsatisfied. Descended from a Voodoo priestess on her daddy’s side, and a gypsy Queen on her mama’s she has no idea what powers she holds.
Vlad Masters, a vampire with a price on his head, has been feeling sleep deprived. He’s on a mission to avenge his sister and finding it hard to focus. Stalking through the park at midnight after being discovered he’s drawn to a commotion and finds a feisty ethnic beauty holding off a pack of hunting demons.
When Vlad comes to Cherish’s rescue the wheel of fate spins and there’s no going back. But will a grieving white witch, or a frustrated demon lord with a grudge stop a love that was written in the stars? Or will Cherish and Vlad fall in love at first bite?
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Loose ID Publishing
(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-60737-481-7
The naughty, matchmaking Fallen Angel from "Once Haunted" is back! And this time it's sexy.  Haley knows it's her choice, the shimmering light up above or a second chance at life on earth. The tricky part will be fixing the past without changing the future. She can right old wrongs, and catch the Scarlet A killer, and claim her soulmate. But will she succeed when she can't tell him who she is? To find out read "Haunted Twice," the second book in the "Ghost Series."

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook)ISBN# 978-1-60313-638-9   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-657-0
A TASTE OF HONEY is a special edition of CANDY KISSES and ONCE IN LOVE WITH LAURA, two #1 Best Sellers from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!
Honey Jans has put together two fantastic stories with an incredible amount of heat, passion, and sexual adventure. From the first erotically charged scenes to the last, these suspenseful story will set you ablaze. Come see what delightful pleasures await Laura and Nick, then Candy and Mitch on their erotic endeavors.
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Bite Me 
Red Rose Publishing • Paranormal Erotica
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60435-331-0
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
A nibble...a feels so right.
 Cherish McCloud is a fake psychic with a secret talent that she doesn't want to acknowledge. Lucian Masters is a vampire with a price on his head who's on a mission to avenge his sister.
When Cherish and Lucian meet in the park after midnight one foggy night, sparks ignite. Can the demon lord who bears a grudge prevent a love written in the stars or will Cherish and Lucian fall in love at first bite?
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

CIA Agent Melanie Webber's job is simple, go to a party, slip into the Shield offices, and download encrypted data. Tired of being only a computer geek at the CIA, she's contemplating a change of careers.
 Ace Riser Delta agent is waiting in the dark for the assassin he's been assigned to take out. When she appears something about her doesn't feel right. Still he takes her down with a sedative, carries her to his van, and takes her to his safe house. Considering his troubles of late, he isn't taking anything on faith. Once there he searches her for ID and finds out she's a CIA agent. Shocked, but not surprised he tries to figure out who set them up. Melanie's big violet eyes open and he feels like he's been sucker punched.
 Melanie looks back at the tall, dark, intense man who'd obviously kidnapped her, and dizzy from whatever he'd injected her with, and bursts out laughing. His frown makes her laugh all the harder. When he tells her someone set them both up, she thinks he's nuts. When she makes contact with her agency, and they both come under attack, she finally believes him.
 They break contact with their agencies. On the run, sharing secrets and plans, their passion grows. Ace has suspected for some time that he's been targeted. Melanie tells him about some information that she's recently uncovered. They work together to bring down the moles in both agencies.
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Red Rose Publishing • Mainstream Contemporary Western
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60435-279-5  
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Sarah Halliday returns to Wyoming to save the reputation of the man she left behind. She offers the sexy cowboy a deal—she'll pretend to come back to him until the talk dies down, then she'll be on her way.
 Rafe Halliday plans to rope his runaway bride. Holding her to him with silken bonds of love and passion. He's cooked up the perfect scheme to get Sarah back where he wants her—in his bed permanently. And he isn't above telling a few white lies to achieve his objective.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-328-9
 Cover Artist: Rika Singh
September 2008 - WCP #1 Best Seller
Laura Brooks, stranded in Paris without a cent to her name, is in trouble. When she's approached to take a temporary position as a courtesan, she's more than tempted. The only problem is, she'll have to fake it sexually; she's never had an orgasm in her life. But, adventurous by nature and sexually curious she signs on for the job.
 Nick Renault, a self-made millionaire, is still wounded after his divorce six years earlier. His sister-in-law, fearing he's turned into a workaholic drone, nags him into attending the courtesan auction. He goes just to shut her up, but when he sets eyes on the fiery redhead—obviously innocent and new to the game—he's taken with her. He hates the idea of her falling under another Dom's dominion and buys her temporary services.
 Nick puts her through a crash course in submission and Laura, immersed in a new world of sexuality, finds her own feminine power. Nick, unable to get his fill of her, finds himself falling for the fire goddess he'd only bought to save.
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Red Rose Publishing • Contemporary Erotic Romance
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60435-152-1   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60435-917-6
 Cover Artist: Nakita Gordyn
Is the Sheik's kink more than Honor can handle or will she be the one dishing it out?
 When Honor Blackwell is offered a fortune to collect an emerald necklace from a dangerous jewel thief, she's in no position to turn it down. She's just parted from her lecherous boss telling him that only her vibrator gets her off. The sad thing is that it's true and the chance for a little adventure is too tempting to pass up. But things don't go as planned. When the naked hunk catches her rifling his room, his frank sensual appraisal makes her formerly suppressed hormones sit up and take notice. She goes along with his assumption that she's a birthday present sent by his brother.
 Sheik Alexander Kahn is vacationing in his tiny villa on a remote Greek Isle and isn't sure what to make of the pretty thief he finds in his bedroom. What he does know is that he intends to keep her; at least until he finds out what game she's playing. She not the first thief who's tried to steal one of his company's creations but she is the most alluring. A blushing almost virgin that smolders with hidden fire when he touches her.
 After a night of newfound sexual pleasure in the dominant man's arms, Honor runs, only to have him catch her. When he takes her over his knee, she melts shocked that it turns her on. Thrown together for a steamy weekend they open up to each other, while Alex teaches her all his favorite kinky tricks. She knows he's still keeping secrets but she decides to enjoy him anyway.
 Can love find a way when their relationship is based on lies? To find out read The Sheik's Captive.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-168-1   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-167-4
 Cover Artist: Vinessa Riley
Rafe Martinez, code named Diablo, is on a mission to infiltrate Silas Carvers backwoods survivalist group Proclaim.
 Cynthia Cooper, rookie agent recently fired from Delta Star blunders into the survivalist's camp in the Smokey Mountains. Captured, she knows she's close to death as his leering men encircle her. Then she spots legendary agent Diablo among the pack and hopes that, even though he won't recognizer her, he won't let her die to keep his cover in tact. Her pleading gaze locks with his and he bites back a curse.
 Diablo fights his way through the mob to save the innocent blue-eyed blond and claim her as his woman drawing Silas's suspicious

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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-318-0
 Cover Artist: Rika Singh
June 2008 - WCP #1 Best Seller
Candy Warner comes home after a triple whammy of disasters, she's lost her job, her fiancé, and had her condo broken into all within a matter of weeks. Now she's come up with a plan to reinvent herself.The first item on her to do list is to find the perfect lover. As a former personnel director she's already decided on his qualifications; he has to be young and trainable, let her take the lead, and most importantly he has to be able to make her come.
 Her well-laid plans go awry when the police suspect her of breaking into the cabin she's rented for the summer. Tackled, and lying under a very male body, if his erection is anything to go by, she gazes up at Mitch Hammond and wants to die. If there was anyone she didn't want to see or be felt up by, it was the stud she'd thrown herself at ten years ago. He doesn't even meet her qualifications. He's too old, too bossy, and way too Alpha Male.
 Detective Mitch Hammond is amused to find that the burglar he's tackled is sexy Candy Warner. His body throbs against her soft curves and he knows that he has to have her. When he finds out about her quest to find a lover, and learns that he won't fit the bill, he's annoyed. He bends to kiss her, proving that he fits at least one of her qualifications; he can make her come. But can he keep her safe from the burglars who've been plaguing the area? Will Mitch be able to convince Candy that he's the man for the job? To find out read Candy Kisses.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-166-7   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-165-0
 Cover Artist: Vinessa Riley
Bridget Jones is an agent for the secret government agency Delta Star. Her need to bring in Abdul El Sheriff, the elusive terrorist responsible for her best friends death, has become an obsession. When the director threatens to hand the case over to Condor a mesmerizing ghost agent who has the power to make her weak in the knees with one intense look, she desperately makes a deal to hang onto her pet case.
 Condor knows the feisty redhead will be trouble. The inclination he has to put his slave bracelet on the hellcat is a red flag. His mission was to infiltrate an S&M club as a Dom to capture El Sheriff with a junior agent posing as his submissive. Instead, he's stuck with spirited Bridget who ignites all kinds of fantasies as he squares off with her.
 Bridget smolders under Condors touch, as he puts her through a crash course on submission. Opened up to a new level of sexuality, she is shocked to find herself on the verge of orgasm draped over his knee. Condor aches to take her even though the sex on missions is supposed to be simulated. Immersed in the clubs sensual setting, passion and duty clash as they track their quarry. Will Bridget realize that there can be power in submission to love? Can Condor teach Bridget all his favorite sexual tricks without falling under her spell? To find out read Bound To Serve.
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Loose Id • BDSM Werewolf Paranormal
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59632-537-1
 Cover Artist: Christine M. Griffin
Charity Langford thinks her hormones have finally driven her around the bend. She cannot stop thinking about sex. She wants it night, day, and all of the minutes in between. Thing is, Charity is a virgin. A thirty-two-year-old virgin. She's also a werewolf, but she doesn't know it, and it's her first heat that's driving her mad.
 But the middle daughter of Charles Langford and director of IT at Langford and Langford can't chase tail like a bitch in heat. She has an image to uphold. Desperate, she finds an online adult site, and uses sessions with her CyberLaird to get her rocks off and keep her mind on business.
 PI Lucas Kendahl is an Alpha half-breed, a wolf without a pack. And after Charles Langford's Elites rescue him from captivity by the Betas, he owes Charles a favor. Like it or not, he's to take Charity as his mate—and protect her from the Betas after her and her sisters. Fortunately, he likes it a lot. The pheromones Charity gives off are the sweetest form of torture for an unmated male; he's been masquerading as her Cyberlaird, but he can't wait to get his hands—and everything else—on her.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Twisted Tale
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-071-4   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-070-7
 Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston
The Romance Studio 2007 CAPA Nominee
 August 2008 - WCP Torrid Sizzler
Cynthia Jane Taylor is a twenty-nine year old virgin. She's turned into a drudge during the last six months, waiting on her stepmother and party-girl stepsisters, after moving home to save the ranch. On top of that, she's had to fend off Randal Industries, increasingly aggressive, attempts to buy the property. When a trio of smiling ladies show up at her door on the night of the Policeman's Ball, she gratefully accepts their offer of a Fairy Godmother's Makeover. At the dance, she spots hunky bad boy Jake Randal, the star of her teenage fantasies, and decides to seduce him. Jake Randal has quietly slipped into town to investigate the corruption at his father's company. He's instantly smitten when he locks eyes with Cyn, but soon finds out that she isn't the experienced seductress she claims to be. When she slips away after their interlude is interrupted, he's determined to track her down. She's left one clue behind, her gold panties. Now all he has to do is find the seductive redhead that fits them. Will there be a happy ending for this modern day Cinderella Story? Will Cyn put aside her distrust of the Randal Family to find paradise in Jakes arms? Will Jake be able to fulfill all her kinky fantasies without losing his heart. Will the Fairy Godmothers save the day? Find out by reading Cindy Revisited.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59374-591-2   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-59374-590-5
 Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston
As April's nuptials approach, Monica Landers realizes her biological clock is ticking. She's decided it's time to find a real man and enlists April's help to compile a list of perspective mates. This sexually deprived woman is aching for someone who can see past her provocative profession and savor her sexy wares.
 Working obsessively to clear Will's schedule for his honeymoon, Matt Shepard is overworked, sexually frustrated, and bummed that he has to escort Modest Monica on a duty date. As Best Man it's his job, they're responsible for the pre-wedding festivities.
 When they meet at Spice, Monica literally falls into his arms and Matt decides his date is heaven in 3" heels. The instant connection and electrifying chemistry send the wheel of love spinning. When they get together who'll come out on top? Has Monica finally found the man to fulfill her fantasies? To find out, read Monica's Manhunt...
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Twisted Tale
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59374-485-4   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-59374-484-7
 Cover Artist: Angela Thompson
2005 Passionate Plume Finalist
Gina Sinclair is trying to look after her grandma's best interests, and the family estate, as she fends off attempts to drive her out and send grandma to a rest home. Mitchell Wolf is a creature with only a few weeks to live unless he finds the key to his survival hidden at Xanadu, the Sinclair's Mansion.
 When Libby Sinclair secretly hires Mitch to protect her granddaughter, he can't believe his luck. Protecting Gina will absolve his clan from a centuries old debt, and give him a chance to surreptitiously search for the key. Posing as a mild mannered accountant, he moves into the estate to conduct an inventory, and finds his hands full trying to protect Gina from danger.
 From the moment they meet, Gina is suspicious yet curiously attracted to him. Mitch doesn't want to want this woman, but she fires his senses in a way no human should. Find out if Little Red can turn the tables and tame that Wolf by reading A Wolf's Tale.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59374-152-5   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-59374-388-8
 Cover Artist: Nora Baxter & Scott Carpenter
2006 Write Touch Readers' Award Finalist
 December 2007 - WCP Torrid Sizzler
DOUBLE FANTASY is a special edition of two #1 Best Sellers from Whiskey Creek Press! Honey Jans' debut torrid, THE GIFT published along with THE COMMANDER'S CLUB.
Surrender yourself to a double fantasy. Come along on a joyride that proves the road to romance, though wild and kinky, can be sweet. Join Penelope and Vlad, then Courtney and Ty on their erotic journey to bliss.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59374-389-5
 Cover Artist: Nora Baxter
September 2005 - WCP #1 Best Seller
 December 2005 - WCP #1 Best Seller
Courtney Fox is a journalist on a mission—to save her protégé who's been conned into joining The Commander's Club, a white slave ring. Ty Dragon is an FBI agent working undercover as a slave trainer. In real life, he prefers his women spanked, submissive, and hot, although he'd long ago given up on finding the perfect, submissive mate. While setting up the Club's implosion, he teaches feisty Courtney the power of submission, and she shows him that the perfect, submissive mate might be right under his nose.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59374-369-7   •   (Print) ISBN# 978-1-59374-368-0
 Cover Artist: W. Nick Johns
July 2005 - WCP #1 Best Seller
 November 2005 - WCP Torrid Sizzler
 2005 Laurie Award Finalist - SMRW
 2006 Write Touch Readers' Award Finalist
April Brooks is a twenty-eight year old virgin. Fresh from a break up with her cheating ex fiancé, she bumps into Will Shepard, the man of her teenage erotic dreams. Deciding he's the perfect candidate to deflower her, she promptly asks him if he'd like to take her to bed.
 Will Shepard, a reformed bad boy can't believe his luck. But when they get between the sheets, he quickly realizes April isn't all she seems. For instance, she doesn't even know how to kiss, much less make love. He decides that he's the man to teach her the erotic arts, and talks her into a series of love lessons.
 Will April be able to put aside her distrust of men to find pleasure in Will's arms? Can he teach her all his favorite sexual tricks without falling in love? Find out by reading April Love.
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Whiskey Creek Press Torrid • Torrid Romance Contemporary
(eBook) ISBN# 978-1-59374-309-3
 Cover Artist: Scott Carpenter
February 2005 - WCP #1 Best Seller
 2006 EPPIE Award Finalist
Penelope Hart is a lonely librarian. Unfortunately, the only men at the library are Mr. Powel and Victor Deveroux, the handsome but snooty new library board chairman. Victor's dark good looks make Penny's heart race, though he's never more than polite to her. One day, Penny finds a gift from a secret admirer on her desk. The scandalous package contains a red paddle. The attached note hints at sweet submission that both shocks and turns Penny on. A series of other naughty gifts follow, finally culminating in an invitation to meet the giver at a discreet hotel. Drawn into a world of heady sensuality, Penny learns that submissiveness can be deliciously powerful.
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